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  1. Phys: Amber Guardian Explosive: Ash Guardian Energy: Thunder Guardian How about you chill on the weight just a tad? unless someone's going to use triple L-M prots, (which not everyone has) the low health will make builds with this torso an easy target for people running res drainers. Maybe 320-40kg?
  2. Alright kids, I'm back (again) and I will be for a while, so yeah, props to ShortyMech for bringing me back. Anyways, since I've started playing again, can anyone catch me up with new items/ weapons/ features? [anything new since February 2021]
  3. I flex getting a cockpit piercer and not being able to show it since flash died
  4. I think that this poll is a tad biased. My last vote was just as a joke simply because the META fell into my lap. (MPV, platplat, mighty protecc) But I think that this actually doesn't currently matter. As of right now, the current goal is to just make sure that nothing is under or over-powered. Once that goal is reached, then we can talk about keeping the game fresh. Which is actually quite simple. I can just recall some of my ideas (such as monthly L-M portal) and it's honestly that easy. It really isn't hard to keep the game fresh anyway. Players just need to be able to have a steady stream of different things that don't mess up everything they've worked for. So this balance update wasn't the best. But is is the first big change since the Arena Shop update (which really wasn't that big) and it finally changed the game from just being a make-a-decent-monkey-build-and-be-R5+. As long as players feel that their voices are heard, and that changes are being made at least every 3 months or so, then it'll be fine. The community just has to overcome some item imbalances and then get things going.
  5. are you aware of all the other weapons/ items that need a rework/buff? greedy is not a priority. no phys item is. alex is currently trying to balance the other elements with the help of the communtiy and this isn't currently relevant. greedy is completely fine for titans anyway. so, unless you have a greedy on all your builds and are suffering because you have literally nothing else to use as a drone, please take a look at the other elements.
  6. this isn't a bad idea, but fortune boxes can give you anything from 2 commons to two legendaries. I think they'd also have to boost the *fortune* in fortune boxes.
  7. umm I think he means the E-M version. That's D.A.A. not D.A.D.
  8. YES! Another trading idea! you'll probably just leave now, but for everyone who stays, read on. The Black Market Hub Where there is no trading with people, and there are preset values for everything along with trading rules! The rules: L-Ms can be traded for non-L-Ms, but non-L-Ms can't be traded for L-Ms Trading cannot be cross-element (Heat for Phys, Ene for Heat) Output items will keep the tier of the input item, but not the LvL. (Max Mythical Bloodweep --> Mythical LvL 1 Mercy) (applies only to L-Ms) Items must share the same tier. Every week, there will be a L-M event where 3 non-L-M items will be valid for trading a L-M, all items are random. Divine Relic Trading also is supplied in the Hub! Legendary Ascension Relic: 5 Epic Relics Epic Ascension Relic: 5 Rare Relics Rare Ascension Relic: 5 Common Relics Common Ascension Relic: 50K gold. This idea probably needs a bit of refinement before serious consideration. Hopefully this can stop the flow of E-M counterparts to L-M items and more people will be able to get the items they want.
  9. with or without arena buffs? also, could someone give me some bare minimum stats needed to pass Hard?
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