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  1. think this build can be efective? i can make it
  2. weight; 35 dmg: 140-190 backfire: 350 movement merm:1 (this make if you are using rollers, 3 move slots pass to 2 move slots, normal legs, 1 move slot and claw dont make effect) ene consume: 66
  3. stry for the confusion, is when you shoot and your heat bar increses, like, if you have 150/500 when the mod trigers, go up tp 350/500
  4. ability: this trigers when you have 10% or less hp, adds 30 of ressist in physical, heat and ene, and restores 500 of hp weight: 66 mod space: shield heat generation: 200 ene drain: 240
  5. i can do some build, the problem, only 2 plates, no heat protector and only 1 fortr3ss
  6. supreme fortress energyless hook (likecharge whitout knokback and mech overlap (changes possition whit the enemy)
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