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  1. Yes I did! That should be the issue. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I have some Huribat drones, one of them with different colours, but same stats (check images). Any idea about the difference? Will upgrade with the same stats, and it's just an aesthetic matter? Thank you.
  3. I don't understand this topic. I've opened 3 random names, and 2 of them have recent SM videos on their channel (2 weeks, and 3 hours), they are not retired. ??????
  4. I selected "stop all emails". Still receiving the unsollicited digest. I'll filter them and resend to any SM/Gato games email I find. Receive their own shi tty spam. Period. Edit: I'll try contacting privacy@gatogames.net before turning into flames.
  5. Since some time ago I receive "Your SuperMechs Community digest" UNSOLICITED EMAILS. I click on "Adjust your digest preferences" link at the email, it opens the Forum page, and says "Topics I Follow: There's nothing here yet". How can I STOP RECEIVING SUPERMECHS FORUM DIGEST?!?
  6. Today not more. I updated FF and flash plugin to the newer available, and pops the error. I can't reinstall previous working because I don't know wich version was.
  7. A mi me funcionaba, hasta que he actualizado Firefox, y ha dejado de funcionar. Al reinstalar FF 84.0.1 que tenía, ya no funciona (poque también se actualizó el plugin de flash, y no sé cuál tenia previamente que funcionaba).
  8. Hello. I usually farm gold in 1v1, mission 6 Overlord's Den, Insane mode. After some battles, I play mission 8 (boss) and some times get a Fortune box. Even sometimes 2 boxes, one after the other, in 2 consecutive battles, if I battled a lot in no-boss level. That was till some months ago. Here comes the issue: since some months ago it's very rare to obtain that forture box. It's like if the developers had lower the frequency of getting that boxes. Have you found the same issue? Is there an official confirmation? Thank you. Note: I had the idea after reading that Frantic Brute had been nerfed. This means developers make changes in features.
  9. Flash version does not work on chrome. But yes on Firefox. Al menos en la versión 84.0.1 (64-bit) funciona.
  10. Chrome points to the Adobe web saying it's over. Firefox still allows playing (84.0.1 (64-bit))
  11. What means TS doesn't own Supermechs? When happened that? That was the reason of Forum closure?
  12. I don't like "blueprints" word. Reminds me to Totalbattle blueprints (P2W). Don't complicate the game. Soon we will need a Quantum Physics degree to understand the game.
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