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About Nightmare's appearance


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20 minutes ago, Zutchse said:

I like the Design of Epic Nightmare than Legendary one. It looks great as a design for mechs and looks modern whereas the legendary looks like a discounted torso. The design shoulda stayed with the epic design and continue to improve from that point onwards.

I agree , but we can't do anything about it. 😕

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2 minutes ago, Electrick010 said:

To be honest I thought the same but don't be scared, in Mythical it looks much better than all its previous evolutions.


the myth and divine looks like it came from epic nightmare as its predecessor, but not from legendary.

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10 minutes ago, Zutchse said:



Super mechs My 11th Mythical Nightmare Torso! - YouTube

(got the image above from internet)
on the second look, it seems like they're the same. But the cockpit does not seem like its predecessor from legend. Maybe the cockpit of legendary needs to be redesigned that follows the same design as myth and epic

Or maybe leave it like that so that its evolution will surprise you and it will be much better than what you see with the legendary.


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On 12/5/2021 at 2:28 PM, STARWULPH said:


But sir if we turned this red it would be excellent rare version of Golem torso.

Here is epic 


And here is


And of course rare version or not the hope is MYTHIC VERSION




Still waiting for this ...

Any progress?

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