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Super Mechs e-sports competition ruleset concept


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So, I've seen some esports competition and I wonder if the rulesets can be set in a competition between Super Mechs players, here's the details of the ruleset I've come up with:

· each round consisting of 2 contestants doing a 1v1, first to 2 wins the round
· before each round, the 2 contestants ban 3 parts which both the contestant himself and his opponent can't use (example: I vs zero, and if I ban valiant malice and oemp then both me and him can't use any of the parts in our mechs) (includes mods)
· After each match within a round both contestants can change at most 3 parts on their mechs, they still can't use banned parts

That is the basics. Keep in mind this may not be very well developed so feel free to give critics and perfect the system so it can apply to tournaments and give players a chance to compete fairly.

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