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Previous Item Portal With Other Rewards


Previous Item Portal With Other Rewards  

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  1. 1. Should Alex add this Previous Item Portal With Other Rewards?

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I read previous post about portals, and some were really just talking about bringing back portals with new Items. If I miss something, than sorry on the old ones.


Since Alex is not really bringing new items, atm. Then he should add an item portal. Items that already exist.  To be specific, a certain item.  For instance, maybe a Nemo portal, or Annihilation portal, or some item that already exist in the game.  I'm referring to items that go all the way to mythical. Maybe once in a while a Legendary one.  Maybe have a Flaming Hammer portal.  Now the bad thing that should be replace is getting crappy stuff with that item.  Make it a portal with chance of that specific item and  Chance of a Gold Chest of maybe 10k - 30k gold, And some Upgrade Kits Common-Epic. 

So Example: a portal for a Desolation.

So say the chances of getting the Deso:

- Deso is 20%

- 30k Gold Chest 5%

- 20k Gold Chest 10%

- 10k GC is 15%

- Epic Up Kit is 5%

- Rare Kit 15%

- Common Kit 30%


This is what the reward the portal will provide.


Also, regarding tokens for this portal, make it 5 on each Normal, hard, and insane. If it was added every week or two weeks then No Tokens Needed.  It really does not need to have 3 lvls. Maybe make it one portal lvl that is Hard. That Simple...

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Hmm, I will say it is not like before. In the old forum the old timers and some people at my time used to vote and make more comments and likes etc.  Some of the forum magic got lost when many decided not to join post change and some did but no like it and lose interest. I think this forum is as good as the previous one. We just need people to do what used to do in the forum before me and during the months I was active there before last October I will say. 

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