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  1. All the legacy weapons are different... lmao(most of them) This community can easely come up with ideas different from what we have in this game. We can even add more mechanics. bruh...
  2. It has allready gone a year without a weapon portal. Why is balancing taking forever? When will we get a new weapon portal?
  3. i got lucky since they disabled mine very the same day i got the request..
  4. wow ur awesome. Also take note of this that daily fortuneboxes have a different droprate pattern than regular ones. i usually get legendaries from them every 3 free fortune box in the shop. So 1/3 procent chance in getting a legendary from them. for me at least.
  5. This is kinda bad. Never myth food l-m unless u have copies of them as backup if u need them later.
  6. it depends... but would rather use rolling. Rolling is bad. Use massive stone feet instead. They are much better.
  7. Ok sure Now i will start to post progress:
  8. Brightroar vs lightning slicer heronmark vs basalt slicer seraph blade vs rock polisher
  9. MUDA! MUDA! MUDA! by-Dio
  10. Nope i rather have this portal. It gives much better token rewards. @Nefertary Meriten-Mut Hard and easy combined give more tokens than the easy one with all the difficulties combined.
  11. Yes the portal was insanelly hard. I doubt even a rank 1 can hardly beat the lv. Spamming the revive button.
  12. By melting by the kryptonite of chocolate... The sun...
  13. Invinsible from the flowing water.
  14. @Soviet Union mech how long u played?
  15. @Soviet Union mech Told ya. Its me! IT TOOK ME A YEAR REACHING THIS!
  16. it will only be possible if you completed the entire campaign.
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