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Drunk Lightning and Bunker Shell


Drunk Lightning and Bunker Shell: Two Items That Exist  

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  1. 1. What do you think about Drunk Lightning and Bunker Shell? Are they counterparts or weapons with entirely different purposes?

    • They're potentially counterparts.
    • They're potentially for different purposes.

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Hello, fellow pilots. Whiteout here and with a very specific question that was brought up after I had a very interesting.. Discussion.. With someone about whether Drunk Lightning was the cheap version of Bunker Shell or not. The discussion ended with a stalemate since there was only the individual and I actually partaking in the discussion, so the two different views were stuck in the middle of the road due to not having a tiebreaker of any sort.

So I decided to make a poll to see what forumgoers think in regards to this discussion. I won't try to sway anyone's base opinion of the matter so that they may enter the topic with what they think about the topic at hand. Though, I'll also provide images of the item stats so that everyone will be able to see their stats and see potential similarities and differences between them.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to vote in the poll.

This is Whiteout, signing off.



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Drunk lightning seems like a worse non-premium version of Bunker Shell. Drunk Lightning has less weight, but has backfire and no energy cap or drain damage. Drunk Lightning also has more energy cost and a heat cost, along with less resistance drain. Their range, similar stats and 1 use makes me think that they are counterparts to each other. Thats my take on this.

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Drunk Lightning is basically diet coke bunkershell , in fact , all of the recoil single use cannons are just poor man's bunker and magma replacements .

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