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Unofficial supermechs Minecraft server


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Greetings losers and loserettes,
Me and some of friends created a minecraft server not too long ago and finally decided to open up to forum folk!
The way we're going to arrange who will play or not is a bit barbaric, with a colloseum fight.
Premise is simple, if 2 people want to play on our server, we arrange a date and time where 2 said people will play a best of 3, 1.16 pvp duel, winner gets to play and the loser gets forced to sign a contract with the YIR®™ (Yoyo's Islamic Republic) and become a slave.
Additional info about the server:
- THE SERVER IS ALSO CRACKED! This means people with premium and tlauncher can play!
- The server runs using aternos, a hosting service.
- It runs on 1.16.4
- No griefing
- Have common sense
- We also have a discord server over at https://discord.gg/XbvQ7NcZrr which is where we will set up the duels and what not
- Should also mention no children under 14
We'll be waiting for you!
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silly goober

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4 minutes ago, Asther said:

No griefing

Does abusing CBs found in the wild count


5 minutes ago, Asther said:

we arrange a date

So that's how you date people now, huh


6 minutes ago, Asther said:

Should also mention no children under 14

What are you doing here

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If i had real minecraft, i would have beaten all of y'all. Especially if it was 1.8.9.















Im testing yo yo's patience lmao

A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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