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Wich heat drone is better



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On 8/27/2021 at 4:38 PM, Patimomo said:


B:murmur (i dont have this drone but i can get it)

Both drones are very specific, so I wouldn't say that there's a better one out of the two.

Nemo and Murmur are both capable of being used on boilers since one does cap damage while the other one does cooling damage, with both contribute towards overheating the target. For example:

Murmur can assist the cooling damage done by Vandal Rages, slimming the chances that the target will be able to recover from their next overheat (since they would shut down due to their cooling being reduced the needed amount to cool the heat level below their heat cap). This leaves the target vulnerable after a various amount of turns (depending on their heat stats, specifically their cooling), allowing weapons like Heat Bomb to essentially heatlock the target if the user has other boiler weapons to keep the opponent's heat up.

Nemo, while dealing less overall damage than Murmur, assists boiler weapons like Corrupt Light and Sorrow with heat cap damage. It won't ensure shutdowns like cooling damage but it makes it harder for the target to attack when their cap is steadily going below their heat level and forcing them into overheats, wasting action points that they would've used to attack you. There's also a chance for cap damage to shut an opponent down by stripping their cap down to where the cooling is unable to cool the heat down to the low cap.

Either way, cooling or cap damage, the target will suffer after a various amount of turns have passed and their heat stats have been reduced to the point that they won't be able to retaliate.

So, that's pretty much why I think there's no better of the two when they're simply that specific (Murmur's mostly used on cooling hunter builds that prey on a target's cooling until the target has 2 shutdown or something of that sort, anyway).

Also, it depends on what kind of damage you prefer and what kind of weapon setup that your build has. I forgot to add that in the post so I'm using post merge to add it without editing.

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