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  1. Yesterday playing arena a user called U.S.S.R oferred me if i want tk i say y s then he ask me the username and password then i tell my username but no my password today my account isn't open i tried now i have my acc back.Never give your username and a ccount and be carefull with people called U.S.S.R PD:Idont speak english is the reason of bad orthography
  2. Rank10 Yeah rango 10 B)
  3. Hello again I am patimomo ir dont play super mechs Like 1 week now i am Back so can you acept me ino a clan?
  4. I got three legendaries!! Thanks Alexander
  5. I am a penguin that plays worst than all in here
  6. The sm coins serve to buy base items upgrade the items that you get in base ascend to epic,legendaries,mythics and divines the coins works to improve your mech but ithink that the coins needs more functions like: Buy tokens: 1 token=10,000 coins (or 1token=100,coins it have none sense but...) Buy temporary paints:5 tokens paint=20,00 per day or hour red paint=50,00 per day white paint=100,per day special paints no Its my idea. is bad people gonna say but is a sugestion
  7. One day when I was a noob I got a legendary was a hardened platinum vest I already had the avenger and I had no idea which one was better so use A LEGENDARY TO IMPROVE DO NOT UPGRADE IMPROVE the avenger who in the end uses pra improve the windigo to the mythical
  8. Event i dont know how its call it what event is today like is arena coins? Or campaign exp
  9. Pls daily offer screenshot of today and tomorrow
  10. Pls send the daily offer of tomorrow almost in 2-3days i will play again (maybe)
  11. Hello my mom deleted super mechs ;( so i dont know what offer is today please show me what daily offer
  12. Hello i am patimomo i have curiosity about your mechs pls show your mechs i need to see how are your builds Only to see PD:DON'T use workshop unlimited show build from your account
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