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  2. I dont want to be negative but supermechs in phone,you only can see like 10 ads and campaign is hard but i will efort
  3. No because SCHOOL HAS APPEARED and they dont want give money
  4. flash player is off yes i know,but HOW YOU PLAY IN PC!? You download the game? Only you can enter and play like nothing HOW!? (I need to know because i want play in pc)
  5. Yes and buy them but i dont have money;(
  6. Patimomo


    Is an history of my life in super mech One day in october 31th,is the event of THE PUMPKIN HAT,ok good i get one pumpkin i believe that looks legendary i dont equip the pumpkin because i dont know how it puts then i use the pumpkin to upgrade a power unit kit XD PD:I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH SORRY FOR BAD ORTOGRAPHY
  7. Ok thanks! Pls go and reply to my other question
  8. Ok /this is my 3th mech i dont have charge a nd i have an unlimited range drone What do you think?
  9. Hello today is a good day,why? Because I GET THE CLAW the leg that i wanted for my physical mech (because i need a physical mech with many life )i dont have hollow spectral armor is very good in life,is not important now Ok i need your answers what is better leg for a physical mech? A:the claw B:massive stone leg (the leg that drain shield) Wich is better
  10. so what do you think?/Entonces que piensan? (Yes i know i have to improve my 3th mech /si ya se que tengo que mejorar mi 3er mech) but how you think that i need to improve with what weapons or torso/pero como piensan que lo debo mejorar con que armas o torso
  11. Hello i am patimomo and i have a question to my physical mech what torso i use? A:windigo B:Brutality C:Zarkares Which is better to my phys mech? PD:I DONT HAVE HOLLOW AFMOR SPECTRAL (but i wil get one some day)
  12. Its short my idea Is only a new daily event about.... Drop increased of fotune boxes! Why not? You can farm in big boy or in this day put a probablity fortune box on a normal level
  13. Is a good idea an afk farming if you think like is many put price like an diary offer or buy WITH SM COINS or tokens the idea looks good pls DONT PUT PAY WITH MONEY You buy the offer for 30mins or 1h yoy select the level that you need to farm and the boxes go tu the unclaimed boxes if you are out of fuel the game waits to grow more fuel (sorry for the bad ortography i speak spanish)
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