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item slots maxed (557/200)


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I used to play this game 6 years ago and stopped. I used to be the top 1 player for a long time and now im back. I'm really confused since a lot has happened here. what should i do to open these boxes that i have? i cant even free my slots by upgrading items because everytime i click any of my items it always shows me "Legacy item can not be boosted" 

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Well, you are stuck to be fair, if you have any power kits you can indeed food the stuff in those kits.

If you don't have any power kits you couls food into you can try messaging support@gatogames.net for help. 

You can also start a new account if you are completely stuck, I had done this as well in March 2020 and am a rank 2-3 player again.

Legacy Messiah | Reign Forever | Rejoined March 2020

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Pay close attention to items that are ranged legendary to mythical. Do not food any of these! I was used to all items being upgradable to mythical. This is no longer the case.


you will get items in your transfer know as L-m legendary to mythical. Do not use any of these items to upgrade as you will never get them again 

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