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Torso Dialogue (Idea) - The Return

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Hello, Pilots. Whiteout here.

Today, instead of trying to create a new idea, I'm thinking of returning to an old idea that I did. That idea was all about "Torso Dialogue".

First off, for those unaware of what I mean by "The Return" or "Torso Dialogue", I used to do this sort of series back on the old forums where I made dialogue for torsos if they had an AI and were capable of conversating with their pilots whenever certain things occur (i.e killing a boss or entering combat against a type of enemy unit).

However, I thought of continuing that series with where I left off since I'm, once again, finding an excuse to alleviate my boredom through creative ideas. If you have any suggestions as to what torso I should do first, feel free to comment down below. For how I'll do the torso dialogues, each torso will get a topic (the lines of dialogue will likely be too long for having two or three sets of them in a single topic to the point that it would get tiring to read) and will have lines based on several types of instances like "reacting to pilot inactivity while in the hangar", "taking heavy damage from an enemy", or "reacting to mission failure" and so on. 

I'm also thinking of changing up the way on how I make the dialogue as well since I wanna make sets of dialogue that feel new in comparison to the old sets of dialogue that I did on the old forums, so I will also be trying to redo some of the pre-existing dialogue sets that I have already done (like Brutality and Naga, for example) since those sets were lost when the forum was replaced.

But before I end the topic here, I should mention that, like some of my past ideas, there's no guarantee that this will be an ongoing thing. It may potentially die after a topic or two for all I know, so there's that for a head's up if the series ends up going silent for a long time and I will also note that the torso dialogue is text-based, not done through TTS or actual voiceacting because that's kind of too high effort for something that is essentially done for fun (and kind of ridiculous for a game that revolves around simplistic structure and detailing).

With that out of the way, that's all I got for this topic. Yes, this topic was simply an introduction to the return of the original idea in order to get everyone up to par with the idea itself and what I think of doing, so the actual dialogue won't be seen until I start coming up with them (selecting personalities for torsos is harder than expected, too, so that adds onto the difficulty of making dialogue that fits the feel of the torsos themselves. Selecting genders for the torsos is also complicated so there's also that).

Until then, this is Whiteout, signing off.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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