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use of emp?



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It's a disruptive weapon, It heavily drains the energy of both you and your opponent... The advantage comes when you "out-energy" your opponent, so that after your shot the opponent is drained outta energy and may be incapacitated of using energy weapons without having the amount of energy to use them, but you can still fire if you out energy your opponent after the EMP usage.

Detail: When an opponent is low on energy [ example- 0 out of 200 max points ] and your weapon deals 50 of energy draining... the energy weapon will receive an attack bonus [ Weapon damage 100, energy drain amount 50, Opponent's remaining energy being 0. So it means that your weapon will deal 150 points of energy damage ].


Ps: Numbers given in my explanation are merely illustrative.


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To be able to use a maxed EMP efficiently you need about 600 cap with about 350 regen if you play against heat/physical mech types.

If you play against energy mechs it would be better to have 650 cap with about 400 regen. This will require you to sacrifice either hp or resistances though.

If you are about rank 15-5 a fully functionel energy mech with EMP can easily dominate the opponents as they have low regeneration until about rank 5-6

Hope this was helpfull enough 🙂

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