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Is this a good phys build?



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Using premium mods you used, I think this is a good option. 

If you use Claw, you will need all the movement you can get, which means using 3 specials. You can use legs and change a couple things if you'd like, but this should get rank 5 or 4 I think, I really have no experience there.

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There is a club and thread for this, Also I can't see the image due to parental controls (because my little brother sometimes uses this devise)

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It's decent, but you could do a little better.  I would do this instead.  Also, terror cry on this build is optional.  


You can also substitute Night Eagle for Reckless, which would be a good idea (in my opinion).  It's not intended to be a perfect example, just a beginning.  I would use physical grappling hook, not heat grappling hook.  In theory, if you fiddle around with CSUs, you might be able to free up a module slot for an iron plating, but that's up to you.  I tried that and I didn't like how the stats looked (I prefer to have at least 600 heat cap).


Keep in mind that some people at rank 5 are using only rock recoiler + nightfall + night eagle.  I don't like that setup when you have legs: I like Annihilation for its energy-free capabilities.  But feel free to experiment and see what build you prefer.

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