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On 3/28/2021 at 12:45 PM, That1Guy said:

The main pull of the base is that you get 130k gold per day for free, in addition to any gold from farming. You can then use this extra gold to buy food, and in reasonable quantities, it actually ends up being cheaper than silver boxes due to the base paying for itself. Alternatively, you could get one premium box every 3 days for doing absolutely nothing. Basically, it's for people who are less active/grindy.

Yep.  Right now I have 3M gold and climbing because my base is like level 19.  At this point I'm going to have to start using the quick item production because the normal common item isn't using up the gold fast enough.  The base pays for itself.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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On 3/26/2021 at 11:50 AM, Alexander said:

Keep in mind currently legendary chance on base leggies (even with the buffs) is about 15-30%

Would you be willing to elaborate on the variance in the drop rate? Does it depend on the day of the week? Monday’s = 15% and Fridays = 30%? The rank of the player? The amount of cards purchased already? Lunar cycles?

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