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Paying Condolences to the Old Forums

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Context: I have already paid most of my condolences for the old forums through the "Old Forums has Fallen" post by Zylok, so this is the special thing that I mentioned that I would put into a topic of its own in order to make the text wall there a bit easier to read.

In the image, my mechs of current time and of time's past are shown in chronological order (Mech 1 to 3: Whiteout / Mech 4: Shadeski / Mech 5 to 6: Avenger). Though, only the mechs of my reloaded main accounts are shown as my legacy mechs can't be reconstructed through Workshop Unlimited.

As for the Tactisoft ideal, I honestly don't like Tactisoft in regards to game management and all that... But in regards to the forums, they did a pretty nice job with making a forum that was multi-functional... Though, yes, it did have flaws but for the most part, it was still alright.


Link to the topic about the taking down of the old forums and the topic where I made a text wall for a final farewell to the old forums.



If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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