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Tips for Arena (add your own)


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If you see a no en no heat 4k dual frantic

say *counter kunt* and quit

Ok jokes apart

1v1 is a hit or miss season, I recommend you to farm as much as you can within the first 5 days of the season since everyone starts pushing rank and AP in the end and its really hard to collect wins
I got 500 wins last season and according to my observations

7/10 physical mechs are counters...they sacrifice their heat/en stats for high hp
Heat mechs are fine...Low number of boilers in arena...most mechs are either damage based or are terror blade builds
dont forget heat res

Energy is well energy....Loads of EMP and Valiant bois...

Long story short...Run a rounded mech with resistance or run a hybrid if you wanna hunt all the counters down

if you dont have 3 maxed mechs dont enter 3v3..de rank yourself...you'll struggle a lot farming wins and its really hard to win matches, not to forget each and every match is time consuming

I dont have nay tips for 2v2 since its really random...some people run counters..some rounded..some run the same element..some run different elements..its weird and unpredictable

PS: These are my observations and I am a certified n00b 



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Try to go for maximum efficiency in lower ranks, try to use weapons that have maximum damage per cost, I've seen people kill themselves because they emp'd at the wrong moment XD


Other than that, push mechs to rank 2, people in lower ranks, especially rank 15-9, sometimes lack range 2 pusher weapons, which you can take advantage of.

I polish rocks

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3 minutes ago, Raul said:

Definitely quitting if the battle barely started and I already know I'm gonna lose for what ever reason. Counter opponent, etc...

You do you.

My advice, and my rule in my clan, however, is we don't quit.

I think that's something newbies do far too quickly: they quit out when they think they will not win.

In my opinion, it's far more useful to stand and fight.

Learn your opponent's weaknesses.  Hammer meta for instance: are they weak at range 2? Move into their range 2 then.

There's someone at my rank (arena 11) that I beat energy vs energy, not by being better.  They are weak to energy at range 1-2.  They have I think a lightning recoiler that's not high in level, and their regen is low.  I usually get drained by my 3rd turn, but then I jump into their range 1-2 and end turn there, and their resulting drain isn't enough to keep me shut down because my regen is higher.  So then I end up with 100 energy on my 3rd turn at range 3, and I drain them.

Then they can't drain me back fast enough because I don't have the range 1-2 vulnerability they have, and I end up winning.

I have won matches using stomp as well, believe it or not.  With my heat mech, I once stomped an energy mech until I won.  I cornered them and stomped maybe twice, and by the 2nd time they couldn't keep my energy drained, so I used my hammer and stomp by the 3rd turn.

Not saying that I'm some awesome player.  I'm saying you never know for 100% certain that you will lose.  Therefore you should give every fight your 100%.  Even people that seem more powerful than you.  Fight everyone.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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One tip that has helped me a shit ton in ranks 8-6. Around those ranks, I've noticed most everyone plays counters, that means that my rounded mechs stood no chance, until:

I realised if while picking mechs I have heat first and energy second, like this:



But when selecting, I pick the energy mech first, I can defeat most counters, since they will put their heat counters first. Using this tactic I've gotten much further then I would've otherwise. it is also rather fun, since eventually people remember me and pick accordingly, so I also counter their picks. 

Anyways its great for farming wins, since many people instant quit. 



Some insta quits I got using this tactic:







I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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