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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I was trying to install super mechs setup but when everything goes well, it says that an error occurred, what can I do? please tell me
  2. Hello, I was wondering if Chaos Bringer would be good for this build since I don't have HeronMark. Let me know if this item would work, thanks!
  3. Uhh so i upgraded naga torso to max level (50) but i have a question should i make it divine ? I used 8 power kits for this all level (20) i wasted over 1.5 M to upgrade this to max but i am wondering if its worth it to make divine.
  4. What is the reward for reaching level 100? And in general, how is the system for obtaining rewards for different levels built?)
  5. it has been a long time since i sent request why is it taking so long for my base to be disable
  6. Hi. I'm very new to this game. I saw there there are a lot of buffs to purchase in the arena shop. What should I prioritize? I think increasing the rate of free Fortune Boxes is great. I also think increasing the upgrade speed of base is nice, but maybe become useless after maxing base. Is it ideal to prioritize free Fortune Boxes buff over the others(such as campaign gold increase)? Also, are the stats buff applies in the arena only, or does it apply to campaign too? E.G. If I need more health in campaign, would upgrading the +%HP in arena shop help me?
  7. I just got Rolling Beasts from premium box, not sure if i should use Rolling Beasts over my Iron Boots this is my build in case you need it UPDATE from the results: I currently have a grim reaper at legendary I'll consider getting a Nightmare too because then i can replace Grimreaper with Nightmare (then use Grimreaper for second mech)
  8. I've only recently discovered the reaction limit and also only recently reached the reaction limit. The only thing I don't get is how it resets/refills? I got some thoughts on how it works, but so far, I can't find any evidence to prove my speculations right. At first, I thought it resets every 24 hours starting from the time it ran out... because that was how it was the first time I experienced being out of reactions. As I recall, I spent them all at about 10 pm and also spent the next day without reactions until about 10 pm.... but of course... that wouldn't make sense because that would be 20 reactions every 2 days... and thats not right. I also thought: --> hourly reset.... (like fuel regen) --> reset at a certain set time in the system..... but that doesn't really seem to be the case Also... it'll be nice if anyone can tell me how to get to Commanders rank.
  9. Hello I know you people probably get this question a lot but what the hell are Legacy Shields I started playing this game at about release and then stopped after abt 2 months (other stuff came up) then I come back to it now and it says you may not participate in the arena with Legacy Shields so I gave up and made a new ac but my old one is Stacked so what do I do and how can I take off Legacy Shields? Btw Im playing on an emulator if that has anything to do with it plz let me know ty for listening :).
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