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  1. wait, have I seen it? god i dont know, but yeah, kong could be nice, tomorrow i may draw some sprites, if i have time long ago i did a snowy version of the werewolf torso, that one with the teeth, i forgor the name, but it was kinda exclusive or somthng, lemme see if i can find it, i never actually shared it to you, not even the old community
  2. Hi everyvody! im back, drowning in my own narcisism again heh, i wrote that so horribly
  3. Possible names for the remastered torso: Hassu-Dreath-Scrav. Hope they sound nice, i just did some namestorming also, have you designed any Godzilla-like torsos? cuz that could be a nice idea, or maybe a crab? oooooh, has anyone done any Hyena torsos? This hyena i mean, of course
  4. oh, well thats kinda sad, everyone used to be so united in the old forum, now its just caos, this is very off-topic but i cant be the only one that thinks the community is completly shattered fk we used to be like 2000 people just in the fanart thread
  5. this might sound a little odd but, where is everyone? i mean like mssgamer and all the other sprite creators, did they just stop after the new community was created? or?
  6. Heeeeeyyyy whats up everybody, oh i havent posted in a while, here are some sprites i made today (they're in paper, hopefully when my brother gets a new computer he'll give me back my old one in wich i can finally learn how to digitally design anything
  7. i see *sniffs disrespectfully* btw, who took your confetti away?
  8. do you know anything else? like, anything that can be, said?
  9. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
  10. i´ve watched the movie "Wreck it Ralph" more than 11 times now, is so f*ng good also, i've never been to a spa
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