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  1. Ouuh man it'd be cool to get back into doing fanart myself, now that i know my way with Photoshop i could brew some good sht with enough time. Maybe next week i'll try to design a cool torso, now im stressed af with exams yk. (Any ideas are welcome haha) Anyways, hope you're all doing nice and are having as good of a day as possible. Edit: Thinking about maybe designing an MP40 like physical blaster-machinegun-thing.
  2. I've destroyed rare items and found out months later about their rarity (I turned suicidal)
  3. How you doing people, last memory i have of logging in here dinosaurs were still walking. Anyways, i am still walking you know? left long ago and thought i'd never come back, i tried to some time ago and could not keep constant activity, but i'll sure as hell try again. Im Shorty btw, been playing SM since i was a lil kiddo, joined the old forum in 2019 (the one hosted on Discourse). Anyways, i was a really active member there drew fanart and sht, but after the recreation of the community forum a lot of fans including me started slowly drifting away from the community and game in itself, the changes, lack of updates and general content-wise problems along with SuperMech's developers almost comically bad managment skills all lead to an inevitable downfall of the game and people's interest in it. My point is, im back, but what for right? Almost all members but @OKI DOKI (Hello btw) are gone, or just inactive. For what i see no specially relevant changes have been made neither to the game nor to the actual forum. It just feels the same. Maybe im wrong tho, maybe there is new sht, in that case it'd be cool to talk about it with anyone reading this. Gotta go now, wish yall a nice day.
  4. Yesss, that beast, also sorry , i havent found it yet but im sure i have seen it somewhere around my files, i dunno, i'll keep looking cus it looked nice here it is it actually looks worse than i remembered it
  5. wait, have I seen it? god i dont know, but yeah, kong could be nice, tomorrow i may draw some sprites, if i have time long ago i did a snowy version of the werewolf torso, that one with the teeth, i forgor the name, but it was kinda exclusive or somthng, lemme see if i can find it, i never actually shared it to you, not even the old community
  6. Hi everyvody! im back, drowning in my own narcisism again heh, i wrote that so horribly
  7. Possible names for the remastered torso: Hassu-Dreath-Scrav. Hope they sound nice, i just did some namestorming also, have you designed any Godzilla-like torsos? cuz that could be a nice idea, or maybe a crab? oooooh, has anyone done any Hyena torsos? This hyena i mean, of course
  8. oh, well thats kinda sad, everyone used to be so united in the old forum, now its just caos, this is very off-topic but i cant be the only one that thinks the community is completly shattered fk we used to be like 2000 people just in the fanart thread
  9. some of my best drawings and designs are sometimes done in a rush, usually is not a cuestion of time, is more inspiration what drives you to make really good drawings and designs sorry got a little philosophical lmao fuck its sad
  10. this might sound a little odd but, where is everyone? i mean like mssgamer and all the other sprite creators, did they just stop after the new community was created? or?
  11. Heeeeeyyyy whats up everybody, oh i havent posted in a while, here are some sprites i made today (they're in paper, hopefully when my brother gets a new computer he'll give me back my old one in wich i can finally learn how to digitally design anything
  12. i see *sniffs disrespectfully* btw, who took your confetti away?
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