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im lonely D:


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Do you want some advice from me? Well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ, here I happen to you as I do.

1._ Enjoy your privacy, because if you have many friends, they will ask you for a little or a lot of society, (making you miss a lot of your privacy).

2._ Friends go out alone, you don't have to go looking for it (for example, I hang out with those who love me, those who don't, nah!).

3._ Do not become so fond of it either, since it remembers something called "false friendships" and that destroys the happiness of many.

I hope my advice is useful, since at first I wanted to make friends but seeing that it is impossible and there are false friends, I better lost interest and decided to do what I love, and real friends began to appear and I prefer a thousand times to win. your respect instead of wasting time looking for something fake.

Well, I learned that from the Internet since there are malicious people who only look for people with that type of thinking, you just be positive and dedicate yourself more to doing what identifies you, since it is what makes a person unique and "detergent", (different).


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