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  1. YEs this clan is making a 9 year old kid horny asf welp imma get banned.. cuz i alr got a warning
  2. im lonley and im looking for friends to talk with
  3. how to make friends in sm
  4. dude wtf shhhh stop now stop now
  5. i useing grim reaper its divine cuz i got scamed adn the scammer made grim reaper divine lol i only have 1 divie and maxed legendarys i can show u in sm game
  6. oh well im just 11
  7. 1.9GB avaiable 101MB Chrome book
  8. dude im on school laptop .-.
  9. okie but it will delete my history and ill forget webs that i always go in
  10. ik but storage is full
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