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How to repair this game (Heat and Energy issues)

Repair Drone

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This post will explore why Supermechs is unbalanced, broken, and how to help fix it.
This game was designed so that any mech should have a fair chance of beating another.  This idea ceased to work with the introduction of energy free and heat free weapons.  Every item should generate heat and would need energy to make it work. All guns generate heat, and to fire a gun remotely from a cockpit would take some sort of energy.  Every drone needs energy to stay airborne and the weapon attached would generate heat.  A charge engine and repluser would take immense amounts of heat and energy to work. To fix this game EVERY item needs to be redesigned so that it has uses energy and gives off heat.  I will repeat.  For this game to get back on track EVERY ITEM MUST USE ENERGY AND GIVE OFF HEAT.
I want to point out a few items that really need a huge fix as well.
1. Grapple Hooks.  They should all need all energy to work and if a 995 kg mech hooks a 1000kg mech. it will actually pull itself to the heavier mech, not pull it as this game does.  Hook should also take up a weapon slot like repluser.  If hook and transform out a weapon spot then it should just take a weapon spot.  No hiding hooks like charge engines.  This is Supemechs not Transformers.
2. Repulser.  So much heat and energy would be needed for this to work.  It would also have to weigh a lot.
3. Charge Engine.  Again the amount of heat and energy needed would be incredible.  Also why is it hidden?  You should always be able to see it.
4. Heat Locking.  If moving doesn't use energy or heat(which it should and feel free to make that a topic), when you are shut down from over heating, you should be free to move like after you are EMPed.  Out of energy and overheating should have the same effect on movement.  I would love to see mechs have to use energy and heat when they move, but for now let's concentrate on the former point of being able to move when overheated like you can with EMP.
5. Claws.   If I claw can't use jumping weapons.  It shouldn't be able to jump with a sword to range 2.  Also how does an item that can't move get to move with a charge engine.  The amount of damage the claw would take from scrapping would be considerable.
6. Any weapon that can lift up a 1000kg mech and have it float across the screen should have to draw insane amounts of energy and produce tons of heat.  This includes swords if you want it to have the range 2 jump.
7. Burning Shower.  This item is way over powered.  This item can move mechs, break resistance, drain cooling, heat, has 3 uses, and is energy free?  Is there anything it can't do?  It does way too much while delivering 400+ damage.
8. Bunker Weapons. Same arguments as burning shower for the most part.  This game should be about strategy not collecting high powered weapons you can button smash(Frantics I'm looking at you).
In closing these are just some fixes that will make this game more realistic, and bring some balance back to the game.  But 95% of these issues revolve around having EVERY ITEM  USE ENERGY AND GIVE OFF HEAT.
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there is so much wrong in the original post that it'll take me an eternity to list out every refutation

it seems like the OP runs an all-energy lineup 😆


what i will say though is that energy-free and (especially not) heat-free items are the cause of imbalance. not blaming the one archetype that has benefitted for the past few months (from the ridiculous modules) just makes that whole wall of text just plain incorrect

resident shelf sitter

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We've been down this road before.  I can tell you as someone who fixed the computer systems on F-16s and F-117s, almost everything uses energy and almost everything creates heat.  BUT there are exceptions.

1) The cockpit ejection seat does not create heat just being in the aircraft, and does not need energy (self-contained single-use battery to prime the ejection rocket).  This means that one could suggest that only single-use items should be energy and/or heat free.

2) Even dropping bombs takes energy: bombs are "punched off" the pylons on the wing using a high amperage 28 volts DC current to fire the little ejection charges in the pylon.

3) The F-16 M61 machine gun doesn't really generate heat, but that's because it sits in the aircraft in such a way that air flowing over the gun cools it down.  Mechs don't move enough to generate cooling airflow, so if it was stationary, it would need to be cooled.

My point being using real life as an example to dispute energy-free and heat-free is problematic from the very beginning.  And to be fair, one could argue that energy/heat-free weapons are heavier to account for self-contained energy/heat systems in the weapon.

I agree that there are too many energy-free weapons.  But one can totally build such items as being energy free (items that aren't laser-based), like recoilers and mercy, reckoning, etc.

So I agree with what you want to do, but it doesn't really work out in the game very well.  The game is in a weird limbo between being realistic or at least believable and not being realistic, and with weapons classes (bulldog versus mercy and reckoning for example) not being symmetrical or congruent among the variations.  So you may want to instead advocate for fixing the individual weapons.

But keep in mind that nerfs are very unpopular.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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