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How does it feel to have some items from 2014 ?

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I haven't played SM for 4 or 5 years since i quit due to IRL issues.I decided to come back.I realized that I have some items from the past (nostalgia intensifies)

ex :

Saurus rifle
Thunder stampede
Yellow shredder beam
Apocalypse Mark I & II

Edit : they are known as "legacy items"

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Do you want to know how it's like to have legacy items in Reloaded?

It's quite simple... It's basically the same as trying to fight a max mythed HSA build by using a max rare Anubis build.

The reloaded items are definitely on a higher power scale than anything that legacy could dream of doing because God Mode, the tankiest torso of legacy, doesn't even hold a glass to its reloaded counterpart, Brutality, who isn't able to hold a glass to the monkes, the tankiest torsos of reloaded, who are getting Diamond Shelled by the Vests, the NEW meta of reloaded because of a buff that granted them with 77 physical resistance... Except for HPV, which is still shit because of how it's made to be an energy counter torso (like we needed that in a physical meta era where energy is already getting stomped).

But yeah, it's hell if you try to challenge the arena with legacy builds because you're almost certain to get curbstomped by a max legendary premium at rank 20... Because rank 15 has 1-myth builds and rank 12 is max myth or death.

If you want a piece of advice, keep hold of those legacy items because those are going to be the things that keep you sane during these trying times of insanity.





Oh, and reloaded did the Lava (or Magma?) Scope torso dirty by making it into the Cyber Armor P2W series that are basically monkes with a $50 skin on them and are mythical only...

Because fairness is key!


If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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