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Forge Quest Tournament!


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GG to my friend @sev

I win


But ignore the other ones this day people are very bad because when I ask them are they sev or not they mislead me making matches with me .


Tournament commentatory:

(Only for fun:)

Here in the opening match '0.0_Algeriano_0.0' vs' BayKedi6687' takes place both have a attractive mech and after a good fight our last tournament's champion '0.0_Algeriano_0.0 'wins gg to his opponent .

In the second match we got a very lucky guy 'AverageLucky 'vs 'Bababan' one has lucky mech all blue and the other one has yellow 🟡 Naga mech both the fighters rack up each other and 'AverageLucky' wins gg to his opponent.

Now time for the third match between a fool ' Sepia Rhino' vs a handsome dude 'sev ' the foolish boy had been misleaded by the good ones resulting in a series of lose without 'sev' as his opponent.

But finally 'sev' the handsome dude finally managed to go to the chat option and sended a battle invitation to the fool Sepia Rhino to which he accepts it and the match finally begins some how with luck or you can say 'sev's'  kindness the fool Sepia Rhino' wins the match gg to his opponent.

Hope you enjoyed the commentatory

If anyone feels offended do DM me and I will remove the post 

Thank you;)



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Tournament commentatory (only for fun:)

Here in the second day of the Forge Quest Tournament we are the 4th match of the tournament between bumbum vs antoinedestructor1944 both have remarkable mechs one blue naga and the other one grey windigo but after a series of 5 nerve wrecking matches bumbum wins by 3 to 2 gg to his opponent, after that the 5th match of the tournament began between Manolis109 vs Riyadh one mech is energy drainer and the other one is red windigo and then they decided a 3 match series out of which the energy drainer wins in by a little edge 2 to 0 gg to his opponent, the 6th match between Pyraaaa vs hasn one had a white naga with gamblers gun and the other one has a grey nightmare after a excellent battle Pyraaaa had won gg to his opponent, the 7th match is between trophy436 vs idkwhatnameiwannause both have a decent mech one mech is female ( trophy wife 🙂 just kidding 😂 zarkares really a good torso and the other one windigo build mech after a 10 rounds insane battle trophy436 wins gg to his opponent, and obviously the 8th member that qualified as he had got no opponent or you can say no opportunity to fight has also qualified sadly we don't know about his mech and he is owlton . And the fool Sepia Rhino had a question in his mind how the organizing team can understand whelter a player has used arena buffs or not ? ; 'should we submit a screenshot of arena shop '.                        Hope you enjoyed the commentatory.      If you feel offended DM me I will remove this post but can you tell me why is Sepia Rhino messaging me to delete this commentatory;)



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5 hours ago, 0.0_Algeriano_0.0 said:

Mano lose 😞

Always use energy but I don't think its good like it was before 

My mech was weak in close range and I came to realize that late. I don't know if any improvements could be made. We can play against eachother to see how I would perform against you and the others!

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