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Fix your services and back my money

Larit Yasser


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If you purchased through Google Play or iOS, they usually arrive instantly (did you reload the game?) and if not you can request a refund via their order system. 


Please be aware that they will usually grant one once and reject future purchases by you. 


BattleDawn has nothing to do with SM's purchasing system. 


If it was via PayPal, they will generally arrive within 48 hours. If not, please email us with your transaction id at payments@gatogames.net 

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Did you buy with PayPal? It happened to me a couple months ago I bought 7 quid worth for a deal or something like that. It didn’t show up for a few hours and I even messaged Alex because I was concerned. He told me PayPal is kinda sketch and it can take a while. Lo an behold about 5 hours after purchasing they finally showed up.

also: Alex also said he can’t refund or supply tokens manually while a transaction is “processing” because the tokens could still show up late (as in my instance)

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