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Biggest sm regret


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1 hour ago, Marija said:

No regrets really, been playing my entire teenage years, the only game I kept coming back to, and when I finally decided to quit - a world pandemic happened so I took that as a sign, destiny wanted me to work for it now, I guess its was just meant to be. 😂

Nice. I hope Alex don't pay you with tokens. 🤡


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I've used 3 top weapon energy EMP bombs as food. I'll never use them on a build but didn't know how rare they were. It seems cool just to have them. I also used a physical lazy falcon as food (WHY!!>?!!?!?!?!) and countless axes. I use to get axes almost daily when I started 3 years ago but its been 2 years since I last go an axe so I regret using each one of those axes as food too.

AND MY BIGGEST REGRET, spamming buttons and accidentally buying premium for a month... twice.

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