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Boots vs Massive Feet


Boots vs Massive Feet rework (All types)  

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  1. 1. Rework of Boots and Feet

    • Yes, with proposed suggestion
    • Yes, but different changes
    • No

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In my opinion, yes, the Iron Boots/Charged Walkers/Scorching Feet are all outclassed by the massive (element) feet. BUT, that doesn't mean you should just Haphazardly copy/paste some of the massive feet stats to the CM legs. I say a Sizable buff to their stomp damage, and a minor buff to their HP would probably, if not almost certainly make them more useful, though chances are, the massive feet would still be better, because let's be honest, if an item starts off at a higher tier than another item, it's kinda supposed to be better, isn't it? For example, the Comparison between E-M items, and L-M items. I think you see my point.

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