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rate my mech ?/10

Hell Shadow

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3 hours ago, abood said:


Needs some modules, if you already had then maybe on the weapons.

You would need things such as the All Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles, or a Electromagnetic Launcher.

Overall would give it an 8 if you add more things to fill the weight.

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4/10 right now.

Great weapon choice, you can control your enemy's position fairly well.

Horrible cooling, anyone with a heat bomb build has you checkmated. 

Your drone complements your build because 2-4 is where you realistically want your opponent. 

Get charge.

If you ever get quad core booster module, replace the dual storage with that. Maybe focus more on the modules that give you both heat and cooling/energy and regen instead of the mixed storage modules and regen modules for right now once you unlock them.

Do these and you got a 7/10. Make sure your 2nd mech complements this one as well. I made the mistake of building my 2nd mech a long range build when my 1st one is built for short/mid range

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i appreciate it, in future i will work on modules

11 hours ago, No. said:

Not bad. If you swap out the storage modules with heat modules this thing can take you up to rank 6 when maxed. By then you'll probably get the legendary modules required for rank five. Great job.

4/10 now, 6/10 with new modules.

thank you, that will help me in future

i appreciate it!

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