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Millitary & Reenactment Thread


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For anything related to the army and mil-sim,such as Airsoft.

Pics of yourself and (your) gear are highly encouraged,but fun facts about this nature of things are greatly welcomed!Let's have a good time,soldiers or reenactors all over the world!

Since we're talking pics,be it random or serious,I'll start to give the push.

My newest acquisition: the romanian PM-86,a derivate of the infamous AK-47,just as scarred and tattered as the one that our army still uses to this day!



And here are some ''action shots'' of me that I also posted in another topic.I was home but practicing things like quick open-eye sighting and faster reloads nonetheless.

These are pretty much the first pics of me fully geared (without the helmet or cap) that look decent so don't ask why they may appear in other places,like my facebook,reddit,other threads blah blah.Hope you enjoy and are inspired to join me 😃 

(Side note: Remember - don't use real knives in Airsoft)


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Made ''small'' upgrades and modifications,both externally and,as you can see (or hear),internally.

I apologize I couldn't properly catch it on camera;it's like volume equalization thing but even with it,I think you can...notice...

I turned my PM-90 (romanian AK) into a very loud and savage abomination.The background music was full volume too so that it doesn't sound so horrible to my neighbors,yet to no avail.

I kid you not,yes;that thing is now so incredibly loud that I have to turn my speakers to max volume and it still doesn't cover any of the sound.And I'll consider wearing some ear protection when I have a feeling I'll use it a lot during some day.


Edit: Yes,of course,that's me 😆

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On 1/23/2021 at 11:28 AM, PFAHLMANN said:

lake.............did you cut your hair????.......................jeez..............

nice stuff...where do you buy the gear?

(i mean the equipment, not the weapons)

No,I didn't :laughing: It's just that I cut my sides with 0.5.Although I got kinda a 2-ish in the video.


I bought the gear separately,in batches.By that I mean different sites,yet most of it comes from Mil-Tec (real millitary gear producer) and a couple other brands.

That means oqtagon.ro (airsoftcluj.ro),a blouse from kaki.ro,some original (new and worn) pieces from millitarysurplus.ro and the vest and a few pouches from squadstore.ro.

In rest,I got a few more pouches and mods from selling groups around here (inside Romania),mostly from facebook then you negociate via phone call or sms.

In one word,I got all of mine from the internet and got it deliver by courier.Although I got an original Romanian Army (MAPN) blouse from an acquaintance,a few authentic patches and also real wood furniture for my PM-90 (coming from a PA-86 but it's the same outer portion).

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