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Daily reward mission


Daily mission rewards  

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  1. 1. Daily mission rewards

    • Change to more gold rewards 20k,50k,100k
    • Change to more gold rewards 200k
    • Change from gold rewards to token rewards 10,30tokens

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Another problem the daily reward missions when you finished them are also useless because you only get 5k 3k 1k gold which is useless for upgrading mythical max legend max divine and mostly base everything cost more than 100k gold 500k 1 mil and when you finished the missions you get 10tokens also very weak for none pay to win player's like me so it would be helpful if Alexander change the rewards from 5k gold each mission to 50k gold or 100k or 20k gold to be more helpful for none pay to win players and the token mission also be changed from 10 to 30 tokens 👍✌️

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20 energy is good enough
I agree that gold rewards should be buffed but lets not make it 100k

Like I get 100k after farming madboy normal 2v2 for 8-9 times

since they are daily rewards..15k 30k 50k seems fine

95k from this
200k+ from farming (depends no where you farm, 200k is base minimum
and infinite amount of gold from arena (you can get more than 60k+ just from 10 battles)

considering it takes 600k+ gold to max a myth

lets not buff the rewards so much that we can max myth every 1-3 days

After all, its a grinding game



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