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Quitting SM........


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1 minute ago, TankaregmiSM said:

I'll Be Quitting Since Most People Voted For Me To Quit,I maybe Back.

Also There Is A Second Reason.

WTF do I Do Without DarkvenOm?

I Hate To Be Without My Best Friend @Darkven0m2

Oh,Good Bye•••.

Do not forget•••

We make a lot of designs and fan art.

If you want to see more of my designs and fan art, please click here.


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Oh noes , you are gonna quit the game while your account still has over 150.000 dollars worth of tokens that you converted all into gold as well as the "3 years" progress which started in....2022 ? It's gonna be a huge waste for all those resources please don't leave man, those several quadrillion of gold is gonna be for nothing


This is sarcasm

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Channel: VolumeTermina[SM]


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Hey man don't quit okay I didn't let the rude one sided people on this community decide my actions and now I'm back ive been playing on a acc named brycekarnes25 so just message me if u ever want me to play. To the people that voted u to leave forget them bro do what YOU want not what they want.

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10 minutes ago, Yukiya18_JPN said:

Looking at your clan, the members were 24.




Too bad he is leaving now and his clan got no leader now 😞 . A clan without leader = a clan without guidance, a clan without guidance = a clan without an aim/goal leading to its downfall.

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On 6/13/2022 at 8:26 PM, Yukiya18_JPN said:

Just in case, take it easy from SM. We will continue the SM while you come back.


I just Earned Frog Badge.Also I Made You #1 in today's leaderboard Again 🙂

Also I Could Use This Profile,sadly I can't Since it is A MP4 video.


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