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  1. No Problem, I am happy to help I would say going electric or heat depends on your preferences but honestly electric mechs aren't dominating when you reach higher ranks ( it is said that a buff to electric is coming soon) So the higher ranks are mostly dominated by heat mechs and physical mechs and electric are more used in raids. But who knows if you get enough premium electric items maybe you could be the next Rising (former top and the best electric mech user)
  2. yep max those modules but never transform them And yes again some torsos and legs are lighter than others, you can check all the stats in https://supermechs-workshop.vercel.app/ The more premium modules and items you obtain, the better as some of them are lightweight and give insane stats and no there's no way to increase the max weight.
  3. you upgrade your useless or garbage epic items and use them as food Don't forget to check if the epics transform to legends first
  4. Bad guys doing bad stuff to the server. Its happening to everyone. The devs are fixing it so gotta bear with it for a little while.
  5. Ahh noooo I sure as hell will miss your like reactions, do come back if you have a change of mind
  6. yeet ( i wonder how i gained 400+ views on this thread in the past few days, anyways i'm happy for the 20k )
  7. See ya in a few weeks
  8. I'm not on the Devs inner circle so I can only imagine few scenarios A: The devs know this issue and are giving it a first prio, hence no Christmas pack B: Devs know it but don't know how to solve it yet C : They don't give a f It would be great to hear from them time to time but I guess they like keeping an air of mystery around them, so most of us agree with option C.
  9. False, just came back after few months. ( Funny how things never change here) Next person loves pineapples on pizza.
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