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Who has been your must bruh moment

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25 minutes ago, Bring live your dreams said:

— In more simple words

which is the must crazy bug or fail that you have experimented in the game? Which is your most strange experence?

And, if you have a special box with three items of you choice, which items you select? 


Pd: i gonna change my pfp 😛

2nd mpv

superb charge


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On 2/6/2022 at 2:02 AM, Mechheaters said:

Dual hotflash build with the claw definitely wasn't a good idea


His second mech has also the same build but I didn't take a screenshot of it

The dude has an ever loving relationship with hot flash and it's just adorably admirable, mad respect to this guy for sure.


Channel: VolumeTermina[SM]


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