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Is he a hacker or is my luck just trash?



So i'm grinding in arena start of the 1v1 season and i'm chilling at rank 6 about thinking i'm about to win another arena battle and then boom I see that i'm going against someone with 2 maxed Clevername builds and so i'm thinking oh he must be dropping his rank or something like that. Right? Wrong. We get in the battle and this is the menace to society i'm going against at my rank. Like how it's 1v1 season that should actually be impossible.  image.thumb.png.e092b7553747c39012bada1efb233fdb.png

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I decided to watch his replays and I don't see any point in it, many tops have the rank in 1vs1 and he (accused) is the only one that has the game in 2vs2.

Not forgetting that I faced it too and I thought the game hasn't been updated yet.

He is probably exploiting a bug in his favor or it is a hack (I don't guarantee it)

Still, the reports help that this type of abuse does not happen again.



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3 hours ago, Deimos said:

Is this current? The system shouldn't be able to match you with lower ranks during 1v1 season since everyone below 5 is constantly at 2v2.

When you are online during the end of the season you will stay the old fight format (2v2 in this case) until you refresh the game.

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