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Digital art finished

White Star

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Anyways guys! i made a simple digital drawing of a drone i came up with.

Name: [ shall be decided on a previous poll i made ]

Stats: Same as Backstabber [ the phys drone that shoots a grenade and pulls a mech closer by 1 range ] but this one here Knockbacks like FlameWave/ ShockWave does.

• It's shot animation is the same of repulser, a charge then one big shot is send down range, hitting the mech in the face. 🗿 

188 Sem Título_20211214171601.png

18 hours ago, White Star said:

Name: [ shall be decided on a previous poll i made ]

• I have forgotten that i forgot to make a poll, in terms of poll i have none 🗿 bruh!


• Previous suggestions:

Soul Buster

Platinum Piercer


• Community suggestions:

Front Thruster [ by @Electro ]

Magnificent Beacon [ by @Dr.Doofensmirtz ]


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More suggestions given (see edit history)


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