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Found 13 results

  1. The "Hybrid item of Drone" to be introduced are here. First (“Hybrid Clashsnack”) Status Next (“Hybrid Rail Flame”) Status Creative By Yukiya.
  2. Intro:Healing This drone is not an attack drone, but a therapeutic drone that restores your mechanism. (Status) Epic - Legendary - Mythical (Divine) (Arena Buff:On) Weight:50kg Recovery(HP):175-280 ※When your turn is over, your HP will heal(Only My Mech). (Cost) Energy:-50 Shot:2 ※Introduce •If you use it twice, the charge will start, and the drone will not be able to move for a while. •If the drone can't move, the energy will not decrease. •Drones such as "Face shorter" and "Heat Point" temporarily leave the drone after hitting 3 shots, but this drone is a drone that can continue even if you use two shots or charge it and put out the drone. Design By Yukiya. Used Software:Adobe(Lightroom (Photoshop)) Thank You!
  3. Intro:BackBomb (Status) Legendary – Mythical (Divine) (Arena Buff:On) Weight:50kg DMG:180-280 Heat:+45 Max Heat DMG:-10 (Cost) Heat:+50 (Other) Range:All Back:1 Design By Yukiya. Used Software:Adobe(Lightroom (Photoshop)) Thank You!
  4. Why are these drones so weak... Does the pushing justify the weight and low damage though... i don't think it actually does. Even at maximum arena buff it's still weak. So i was thinking about: Flame Wave: 170-240 Shockwave: 180-250 Does anyone alse agree that these drones lacks the much needed firepower?
  5. I improved the last one, because the beam emitter didn't looked right. C'mon suggest names for my future poll! Phys: Energy: Heat: I improve it's beam emitter by cloning the phys version, then shifting the color to match energy and heat, it was WAY easier instead of having to do them by hand. It's so easy you can have a... odd thing like this: THE PHYSICAL MALICE BEAM/CORRUPT LIGHT
  6. "White Star Is Addicted To Drones: The Sequel" I don't have stats for this yet... But i will implement my own mechanic i made on them, AP [ Armor Piercing ]. • Just like a certain legacy drone... this one fires a beam [ Just like Reckless/Hysteria/Savagery Beams ]. Names options: Phys - Astro Blaster Energy - Nebula Spark Heat - Sol Flare Edit: Older sketches are here! • This could be it's Epic level appearance. • This could be it's Legendary one.
  7. Open for all suggestions, democracy allowed! Edit: It's finished... i would like to do energy and heat versions but today my hand hurts... It was hard trying to mimic Corrupt Light/Malice Beam laser thingies If i feel like i would tweak it...but for now that's all i can do. PS: I have my own name suggestions BUT other's name suggestions are 100% welcome just like the knockbacking triangular barrelled drone i did earlier remember? My own: • Astro for Physical • Sol for Heat • Nebula for Energy thinking about it more i came up with: Astro Blaster, Sol Flare, Nebula Spark. • Later i will make a poll for people to vote in which name shall be the chosen one. This time... the quality of suggestions will be considered, if i think your suggestion is meh or lazy then it's chances to make into the poll is minimal, don't be mad about it... because my personal preference is priority since this is my creation yes? you do have democracy... at a price! that is... [ evil laughter ] Anyways, i will emphasize: Open for suggestions so feel free to do so.
  8. Here it is the drone with my AP mechanic in mind. Instead of making a poll for a name i decided to name it right away. PS: Because of complaints, i shall emphasize, i chose the names myself therefore I shall NOT change them. Physical: Wyvern Bite Heat: Salamander Tail Energy: Thunderbird Talon Edit: Energy - Thunderbird Talon Edit 2: Heat - Salamander Tail And that's it, the trio is complete.
  9. If they have a name i don't remember, all i remember is that i posted it on the old forum. • A work in progress, Making it better!!! • Work in progress, phase two!!! The barrels are in place chief!
  10. Anyways guys! i made a simple digital drawing of a drone i came up with. Name: [ shall be decided on a previous poll i made ] Stats: Same as Backstabber [ the phys drone that shoots a grenade and pulls a mech closer by 1 range ] but this one here Knockbacks like FlameWave/ ShockWave does. • It's shot animation is the same of repulser, a charge then one big shot is send down range, hitting the mech in the face. • I have forgotten that i forgot to make a poll, in terms of poll i have none bruh! • Previous suggestions: Soul Buster Platinum Piercer Impact • Community suggestions: Front Thruster [ by @Electro ] Magnificent Beacon [ by @Dr.Doofensmirtz ]
  11. PS: This drone has the same stats as Backstabber drone, but instead of ←pulling the target it pushes→ the opponent away from you
  12. Lvl 1 legendary Name: skullie Heat cost 10 Energy cost 10 Phys damage 98 - 105 Phys res break 10 Backfire 90 Uses: 3 Max legendary Name: skullie Name: skullie Heat cost 10 Energy cost 10 Phys damage 130 - 230 Phys res break 10 Backfire 90 Uses: 3 Lvl: 1 mythic Name: skullie Name: skullie Heat cost 20 Energy cost 20 Phys damage 135 - 235 Phys res break 15 Backfire 140 Uses: 3 Max mythic Name: skullie Heat cost 20 Energy cost 20 Phys damage 170 - 340 Phys res break 15 Backfire 140 Uses: 3 Divine Name: skullie Heat cost 25 Energy cost 25 Phys damage 180 - 370 Phys res break 20 Backfire 160 Uses: 3 This is my friend idea and i think that it is a good one we would like to hear every ones feed back thanks
  13. Name: ? Legendary stats(lvl40): -Weight: 45kg -Energy Dmg: 51 -Ele Dmg: 121-157 -Range: Unlimited -Resist Drain: -2 -Heat Cost: 36 Mythical stats(lvl50): -Weight: 45kg -Energy Dmg: 72 -Ele Dmg: 159-209 -Range: Unlimited -Resist Drain: -5 -Heat Cost: 60 Mythical stats(divine): -Weight: 45kg -Energy Dmg: 76 -Ele Dmg: 167-215 -Range: Unlimited -Resist Drain: -5 -Heat Cost: 60
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