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What is SuperMechs?


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Hey! Vsauce Michael here. And today we are gonna dig into the deepest depths of SuperMechs.

The first question that comes to mind when you say that is What is SuperMechs? And we are gonna explore it in this topic.

There has been many attempts to understand the lore of supermechs. And well, most of them were successful... for the most part.

In here, everybody speculates that supermechs is created to defend against the villain boss, squiddy But is it actually about that?

Over the course of years, scientists have been deeply searching through super mechs and tried to find a clue to what started super mechs. Super mechs is built over the concept of building a robot to fight agaisnt someone. But most the scientist say it is about something different. And here is what most scientist say: 

"Super mechs are built to counter you when you are playing are- (sht that wasnt on the script) *cough* super mechs is deep. The question "Why?" Is the hardest question in supermechs. And to that question, we are speculating that squiddy, the main "villain" is actually the good person trying to save super mechs from getting over-controlled by evil pilots.

And to prove our theory, we got some proofs that might convince you.

Proof #1: The robot celebrates when you defeat squiddy and squiddy says: "Argh! I will come back..." speculating that squiddy wasnt a "thread" to supermechs before they got over-controlled by pilots.

Proof #2: Super mechs used to auto-pilot themselves. They were doing it to build a kingdom. But ever since pilots came around, they have been acting weird and overly aggresive. They have been destroying mechs that didnt had any problem with supermechs.

Proof: #3: There is mechs that fight in the side of squiddy, that being the mechs that didnt get corrupted by pilots yet.

But why? Why did these pilots come here, ruining the history of supermechs? Well... that remains unkown as of now.

The only thing that we know is that the world of supermechs is getting more and more corrupted by pilots, bringing chaos and destruction everywhere they go. While the ones that remain undamaged, try to fight for their freedom.

(Continue the topic if you can lmao)


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>Build counters
>Meet counters
>Mech choices RNG f*ckery
>Either afk or win in one turn
>Rinse and repeat until you are met with the paywall
>Quality Supermechs Gameplay

You can cure yourselves, all you need to escape the plague was to never embracing it to begin with, you are given that choice each time, i am not your cure to salvation, my wonderful relic of Mortal Pride, for you are your own infection, the helpless look on your faces is my favorite part for i have enjoyed it a thousand times already. - Herald Of The Ravens.


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