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How do I "get good" in a sense?



Basically, I picked up SM after ~5 years and I feel really out of the meta. I exchanged all my legacy items for points, and now I have a decently good mech. However, I still feel like my mech isn't even close to where some of the other mechs are. I've been buying crate after crate for good weapons, but no luck. How would I go about getting good equipment without microtransactions?

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in low-mid ranks (until about rank 5) heat and energy mechs dominate. A lot of players upgrade their weapons first, so that they can do a lot of damage, and don't upgrade their modules beyond legendary lvl 40. 

A lvl 50 mythical module i meant to hold off againt lvl 50 mythical weapons. So upgrading your modules is very important, and should be linear with your weapons.

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