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This is The Story of Hacker in Supermech

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Normally hackers are what so called new friends or old friends trusting account information to another player and surprise your best buddy stole your account. Many of them are what they call co-pilot. They give you their account in order you trust yours and they take it away from you changing information. Some are co-pilots to help on your account if you can't play for a while or help you to progress your account. 

There are some trusted people around but best choice is not to grant access of your account to anyone. There are many asking on game chat, during pvp and some clan peers if you want them to be your co-pilot. Clans members also steal from clan members accounts. Stolen accounts happens almost everyday because are new players or trusted people were not that trusty at the end. 

People with some degree of advancement are targeted but also at low ranks the low rankers do the same to each other so there are no particular account or ranks for preference when the hacker wants a particular weapon in an account.

Rule of the game itself it is not to share information. Stick with that and you won't have problems. Keep records of information and account info just in case. 

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If you just keep the password/name private from people, there is no way you arw gonna get hacked.

Altough i prefer you to use a somewhat safe password instead of just 123456789.

A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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