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  1. hey guys i will miss u all i will leave sm soon and gl to everyone that playing sm and cya i wont back again
  2. This my Mech Looks Like: My Top Wepon: Side And Left Wepon: And This Thing: My Modules: An i Hope u will Rate This All
  3. Hello Guys I Think I Got Covid Bcz I Am Weak And I Dont know If This IS Covid Or Fever Me doing Swap Test Later
  4. Everyone I Heard Many Times All Or Any Players There Account Just Hacked like Yesterday Someone Said "MY ACCOUNT JUST HACKED BY SOMEONE AND MY MECH ALL GONE" Is There A Hackers In Game? I am Just Asking
  5. i login then i mean is this in Super Mech?
  6. no i mean i didnt lost the password i mean i want to change my email :c
  7. help me how to change email plz
  8. Hello Guys I am New At Game And I Am New At This Forum Before I Played The Game I Found The Game In Youtube Like I Watch Youtube Name Dwightx And I Watch His Video And I Thinking The I Played The Game Soo i Played And I Am a Girl Thx For Reading This
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