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True or False forum game


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Hi! Im making this game again, the rules are the same like on the old forum: I will make a statement about the next poster, he/she will say if its true or false and then make a statement about the next poster, so the chain continues 😁

My statement: Next poster likes the new forum 😄

Elcent is the best.


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False, pizza does not belong on a pinnapple.


Next poster gets a sick sense of satisfaction in small acts of chaotic enactment, such as switching the toilet paper around in other people's homes so it comes out of the back instead, and rearranging the lettering in signs such that it produces rude words. this person's apetite is thus while fulfilled in such acts of petty rebellion. yet, their apetite grows from day to day. when once, ringing a neighbour's doorbell and fleeing before being seen would satisfy, now, the next poster must spraypaint obscenities, or say slurs online to quench that same thirst. the next poster's fascinations grow bolder and more ambitious, with each little kick, each little flurry of excitement. tomorrow... well, just what tomorrow? the next poster is a highly dangerous individual, and must reverse course should they stand any chance at sanity. for the sake of themselves and others. go, on, admit it, next poster. bet you won't. but you know it's true. you know. and, I know.

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