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Bug or not bug?

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Sometimes when im playing in portal missions, i win the last battle, but when i am exit of the battle mode says "Defeat" and i need to restart the level


I think its because the drone makes a shot, i gonna explain a example


I active the backfire drone in the battle, i win the battle with the exactly life that the drone uses to shot, i think the game counts that shot even i already killed the boss, and because when i win, defeat screen comes out when i go to the walking mode


I dont know exactly if this a bug, but i want to report him

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3 minutes ago, STARWULPH said:

This glitch has happened to peeps even before backfire existed, to contact support you have to email gato games directly. the support button in settings still sends to craptisoft.

just start over lol

i have experienced many times

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