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Am I banned or something?



Reinstalled the game after not playing for a while, upon opening the game I'm in some unfamiliar guest account that changes names every time I open the app. It also keeps reconnecting me to the game saying there's a connection problem. If I manage to get to the loading screen and log in this pops up.IMG_20220807_014538.thumb.jpg.963e77f5c5ea105f5f3fd73b210a9c5d.jpgwhere there would normally be text saying "wrong username/password" it says nothing. And when I try to reset my password, it tells me that "the username/email information submitted could not be found".

I'm certain I've provided the right information when I tried to log in and reset my password, I even have it written down. But for some reason nothings working.

Any help?

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58 minutes ago, GravemindH2 said:

I lost a lot of my old accounts too. I think they got deleted or something.

You should be able to make a new account, just not on that email.

I've had my account for years, and it has too much progress to give up. This already happened last time I tried to log in and I don't know what fixed it. 

2 minutes ago, firewater789 said:

try to switch to a different device and see if the problem continues 

I'll try logging in on my pc. Though if I manage to log in, and the mobile log in is still broken what should I do?


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