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  1. I had my birthday on march 1st (4 days ago) kek
  2. this man he maxed ettin for us a true legend
  3. banned for thinking I'm stalking you when in reality I'm replying to the latest posts
  4. as expected from the richest man in supermechs
  5. why do you have recoiler legs maxed thats my setup but replace iron plate with heat engine
  6. how do you keep your calm dealing with this man if I was you I'd have started screaming at him ages ago
  7. 1. is it get rank 6 every week or never drop down below rank 6 2. how long is "a while"
  8. Do you like answering questions He said around 60k just this year im putting my rough total estimate at 200-300k but we'll have to see when he replies
  9. Very much the opposite, needs buff Honestly some of these make me shake my head so hard that im scared my neck will snap and my head will fall off
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