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  1. how did he get private information understandable have a nice day
  2. Invictus and Bobson:
  3. True Next person watches anime
  4. you can't tell me not to necropost its not against the forum rules :trol: plus the last reply was last monday
  5. Conclusion: after eating a salt lamp and inhaling all of the salt in the pacific ocean our local massive brain said that recoilers shouldn't exist because they push people backwards, and korupt light and maliss beem should be norfed because I bad mods.
  6. or "funny you have to insult me to feel good about your disgusting pisspile of a mech"
  7. matchmaking is 90% your torso and your legs if both your torso and legs are max myth and you're above rank 10 then anything 3 ranks above or below you is usually free game
  8. make the first of the final bosses god mode, the second bigboy but its the USA legacy mech, and the japan/yoshimo x mech but its made completely out of reloaded parts, and its been buffed above normally capped limits (for example the archimonde might have the hp of a monkey) also along with the rewards you are guaranteed a maximum fortress (like max prot but its a fortress)
  9. who got his non-existent kneecaps taken
  10. true next person has been here since the middle of december but has never actually been active (like me)
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