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  • What can get my clan disbanded?


    We rarely disband clans, but we reserve the right to do so in cases where it seems the clan has a high amount of bans compared to other clans. 

    For top clans, we generally have the highest requirements. A top clan can have roughly *2* bans in a month period before getting a warning, if any further bans happen in the warning period, the clan will most likely be disbanded.


    This is up to the discretion of staff, depending on the severity of the offenses done, the history of the clan and the cooperation shown by the clan, in addition to considering other factors (such as general behavior in game).

    Thankfully cheating has been rare since the update solving "multitabs", but we expect leaders to remain vigilant.

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    You'd get more thanks if you'd rather focus on in-game upgrades... How long has GATO had this game and when was the last time GATO did an upgrade for players?

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