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  • How do I appeal a ban?


    On the forums, simply contact support. Please be aware that making second accounts to appeal a ban will result in a ban extension and the deletion of the second account. 

    If you can not PM us on the forums due the weight of your ban, please email us. We will *not* consider any appeals with insults, swearing or the likes in them for obvious reasons. If a mistake was made we'll do our best to correct it. If you recognize you did something wrong and can assure us it wont happen again, we'll often show some lenience.

    For the game, you can appeal either by:

    1. Emailing us at banerrors if you think your ban was in error. Please be aware all bans are based on evidence, we will individually investigate every single error claim and it will not be possible to appeal an account if it was claimed to have been in error before. 

    2. If you are sorry for what you did and can assure us it wont happen again, you can instead email us at banappeals explaining what you did to try to offset your cheating/made it better (if anything) and why you think you should have a second chance. Being fully truthful is very important in this case.


    Please be aware that once we caught you, usually it means whatever you did was bad enough to warrant a permanent ban. Not a single ban error has yet been found. Less than 1% of the bans done have been lifted. The best way to appeal a ban, is to not cheat in the first place. If we can take back your gains automatically, we'll usually do so to begin with instead of a ban, if we banned you in addition to that, it meant we simply do not think you are welcome anymore.

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