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Are resistant dissolver really worn to divine?


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17 hours ago, epicspeedster said:

Mito de drenaje de res El nivel 1-50 no da más drenaje de res, solo un poquito más de daño, divino tampoco da más drenaje de res, así que lo dejaría en el nivel 1 de mito

It's true, I have a physical L-D drainer and it is still in the process of being maximized

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I would convert it to mythical to get the next increase in resistance drainage before even putting it on my mech.

But as for ascending it (to divine), they are saying you should do that last.

And I can agree to a point, that if you have other weapons that are not mythical yet, you should probably upgrade those to mythical first.

As you upgrade those from mythical level 1 to 50 you get an increase in damage, not resistance drain, if I understand correctly.

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