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I can't find anything in this forum.Have you any hints/tips?


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So...Swoop got a buff?
How was I supposed to know?I have searched the entire forum and I couldn't find a single thread about any balance updates.

Am I doing something wrong here?In the last forum,it'd be literally the first thing to pup up immediately after entering the page.

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Yes, Swoop got a buff and now it deals 116 heat damage when completely maxed out, divined, and buffed with arena steroids. Oh, and its base damage is now 108-151, so it's basically staring down Nemo and Murmur, threatening to replace them entirely.

As for the forum thing, the actual buff/nerf list isn't a topic but rather, it's a blog, so you need to look in the blog section in order to find it (it won't be hard to find because it's legitimately made by Alexander the One who Attracts Everyone's Attention).

And uh, some other things got buffed as well... Some being:

Frantic Brute: The Rework

Naga the Grim Reaper

Windigo going Sicko Mode

Malice Beam committing Sinful Crimes

And Molten Platinum Vest and Lightning Platinum Vest stealing the  M E T A.

So yeah, you kinda missed a lot while you weren't looking... And just like it sounds, things have also been heavily full of resistance since that special event that happened a month ago. But hey, there's a new buff/nerf/rework wave coming shortly, so I guess that'll be something to look forward to...

... I hope...


Here's the blog, by the way, so that you won't have to delve into the deep archives of these forums yourself.

You're welcome.

If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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