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Which torso should I use?



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10 minutes ago, Melanös said:

should I use nightfall and rock recoiler, or double annihilation (I already have them maxed)

Nightfall and recoiler is better.

Torso is good. You don't need to change it.

And please, max your energy modules counter.

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I think your fractured heat armor monkey torso is good already.

I would not use a rock recoiler with double nightfall.  I would use night eagle, dual nightfall, and then reckless or distance shredder for long range.

Or, if you have an Annihilation, I like the Annihilation + Nightfall even better.  That way, with Annihilation, you have a heat-free energy-free solution in case you need it.  But dual Nightfall is also good.

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